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If you’ve ever washed your own car, you know how stubborn some types of dirt can be. tar, tree sap and brake dust are just three of the things that can make you feel like it’s impossible to get your car 100% clean. That’s when you need a kit of clay bars, which are made specifically with these troublesome things in mind. Clay bars are designed to remove that pesky grime that soap, water, and sponge couldn’t. they even remove things you can’t see, to help create a soft, crystal clear glow.

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If this is your first time looking for a clay kit, we’ve got it. Below are our top picks for the best clay bar around, and we’ve even included a few accessories (like a clay towel). Read on to check them out, and if you’re new to clay bar detailing, check out the information and tips below to make sure you’re giving your car the full clay bar treatment.

comparison of the best clay bars for 2022

Baking over tar and tree sap is no problem for Meguiar’s Mirror Glaze Detailing Clay.

what is a clay bar and how do I use it?

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