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how do dash cams work?

A dash cam allows you to record the road while you drive. They usually plug into your car’s 12V outlet, although some are battery-powered, and record whenever the car is started.

dash cams can capture images of incidents, accidents or unexpected situations, such as a reckless driver or a traffic stop. they can be extremely helpful when proving fault for an accident before the police or insurance companies.

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dash cams are specifically designed to record high-quality video at any speed, day or night, regardless of whether your vehicle is parked or moving. They are designed to consistently record at high frame rates with HD video resolution and to withstand extreme temperatures. many sync with cameras in the cabin and at the rear.

Most do not require you to manually start, stop, or save recordings. many sync with mobile apps that unlock other features such as GPS, red light alerts, and driver assistance features, and can send notifications to your phone in the event of an incident.

recordings are usually stored on a micro sd card (usually not included) which records video in a loop, depending on the size of the card. When the card reaches its maximum capacity, most dash cams will start overwriting the oldest recordings.

however, more contemporary models will allow you to store recordings in the cloud for safekeeping. This makes it easy to share with insurance companies, the police, or others to help protect you in the event of accidents, insurance fraud, repair shop damage, and other unexpected events.

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How long does a dash cam record?

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Recording quality, sd card capacity size and other factors can affect how long a dash cam can record. with high-quality 1080p recording, you can expect approximately:

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