Is Hertz Car Sales Amazing, or A Big Waste of Money?

Are hertz car sales great for buying used cars? Should I Buy Used Rental Cars? What about this kind of car sales? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out with this hertz car sales review and guide!

and while i will focus my research and analysis on hertz, much of what i say applies broadly to buying used rental cars. Let’s see what it’s all about.

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note: this is a research-based review, which means it conveys the results of my own research-based analysis. I have no relationship with hertz and have never done business with hertz car sales.

hertz car sales review and guide

What you need to know about buying a used rental car

what is hertz car sales?

let me start this hertz car sales review by pointing out that hertz car sales is a unit of hertz that primarily sells used cars from their rental fleet. it is available for regular consumers like you and me.

who does it belong to?

is a registered trademark of hertz corporation, which is ultimately under the corporate umbrella of hertz global holdings, inc., a publicly traded company. you can see more on the investor relations website here. from the 2018 annual report:

Hertz Car Sales consists of a network of 80 company-operated vehicle sales locations throughout the United States. dedicated to the sale of used vehicles from our rental fleet consisting of non-program vehicles as well as program vehicles that become ineligible for manufacturer buyback or guaranteed depreciation programs. Vehicles disposed of through our outlets provide us with the opportunity to earn income from ancillary vehicle sales, such as warranty and financing, and title fees.

Overall, I think this is a good thing. you are dealing with a corporation that will likely be there for the life of your car. there is no used car salesman here who stays overnight; if you have a bad experience, there will be someone to respond or even file a claim.

hertz car sales review

how does hertz car sales work?

Pretty much what it sounds like: You buy a used car from the Hertz rental fleet. In more detail, it starts at the website, where you can get the latest information about the program and search its inventory. shows the cars, their location, mileage, exact price and other details.

once you choose a car, you can start (and maybe even finish) the buying process from home, doing things like applying for financing.

You can also go to the dealer who owns the car for a more traditional buying experience, with a few added perks like extended test drives.

test drive and rent2buy

There are two ways to test drive a car. the first is a free two-hour test drive. For the second, you can schedule a 3-day “trial rental,” where you rent the car you’re considering at a special rate. if you decide to buy the car, hertz will waive the rental fee. plus, in most states, you’ll be able to shop from your own home.

note that rent2buy does not appear to apply to all cars in inventory, although it does apply to most.

what kind of warranties and benefits do you get with these car sales?

hertz’s buy-back guarantee

Under this warranty, you can return your car within 7 days or 250 miles after purchase, whichever comes first. if you want to exchange it for a more expensive car, you can pay the price difference. otherwise, you can get a refund of the purchase price.

in either case, you’ll need to pay “a $200 cleaning and recertification fee…as well as any excess wear and tear or damage to the vehicle.”

12 month/12,000 hertz mile warranty

It’s not clear to me if this only applies to hertz certified cars (see next section), or all cars sold by hertz car sales, or just rent2buy cars. either way, this is what the warranty covers:

  • “repair or replacement, less the applicable deductible, of covered parts in connection with a mechanical breakdown of the engine, transmission, or drive axle.”
  • “travel breakdown protection” – “food & lodging costs up to $375 if a mechanical breakdown of a covered part occurs more than 100 miles from your home.”
  • “rental car coverage” – “up to $35 per day for up to 10 days for a rental car if a mechanical failure of a covered part requires your vehicle to be repaired overnight.”
  • “roadside assistance coverage”: “free roadside assistance for 1 year for emergencies such as a flat tire, being left without a key, or needing a jump start or towing.”
  • this can be quite convincing, especially if your manufacturer’s warranty has expired or is close to its expiration.

    what are hertz certified vehicles?

    hertz-certified vehicles are those that, as hertz says, “go through a 115-point inspection and pass all requirements before being accepted by the dealer.”

    as far as I can tell, the vast majority of cars in stock are not certified:

    additional options

    like almost all car dealerships, hertz offers a number of extras, including:

    • protection plans up to 105,000 miles.
    • gap coverage (“total loss protection”).
    • prepaid maintenance.
    • technological coverage.
    • Are the cars banged up at these car sales?

      That’s the big fear, right? Which cars have taken a beating across many rentals? Is there any truth to this?

      The answer is that there can be. Citing consumer reports from a different company (AVIS), it is said that on average cars are rented 55-65 times a year (see video below). likewise, the same source informs us that, in general:

      • rental cars for sale can have anywhere from 10,000 to over 50,000 miles.
      • cars are usually no more than 18 months old.
      • The good thing is that most rental companies regularly maintain and inspect their cars.
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        so that means the worst case scenario could be a car that’s been leased about 97 times in 18 months and has over 50,000 miles on it. that, unlike a traditional used car, which may have had only one or two previous owners (who really cared for the car).

        I’ll even make a confession: I eat in rental cars, but not in my own cars. I think I’m not the only one who will be less picky about a rental car than his own car.

        Obviously, then, you need to be very careful when inspecting a used rental car (especially one that isn’t “certified”). it is likely that it has passed through dozens of tenants and that at least some have abused it.

        hertz car sales review

        Are the prices negotiable?

        apparently not, according to this quora thread. I’d try anyway, but don’t expect them to give ground.

        on the other hand, you can try to negotiate indirectly by negotiating the price of your trade, if you have one.

        Also, some websites show coupon codes, although I don’t know if they actually work. although you may still want to try. just google coupon codes for hertz car sales to find them.

        Are hertz car sales prices cheap?

        let’s see. I am going to compare some cars directly at hertz car sales and edmunds. (Please note, however, that Edmunds does not sell the cars directly, but rather interacts with many dealerships.)

        first car – 2019 toyota highlander le with ~13,000 miles

        price in hertz (note that the car is certified in hertz): $26,587

        hertz car sales car

        edmunds price (certified unused): $25,940

        edmunds auto sales

        So with Edmunds, you’re paying a few hundred bucks less, even though the car has a little more mileage and isn’t Certified Pre-Owned (although it’s probably under Toyota warranty). keep in mind that you can also go to the dealership directly (in this case hendrickson toyota) and haggle.

        hertz prices for other non-certified cars are all over the map, considering mileage:

        hertz car sales cars

        second car – 2019 bmw x3 sdrive30i with ~28,000 miles

        price in hertz (certified): $32,997

        edmunds price (not certified): $29,988

        edmunds auto sales

        let’s get a carmax price too: $36,998

        the one from carmax has fewer miles but doesn’t seem to be certified and is much more expensive than hertz or edmunds.

        edmunds is significantly cheaper here, and the car has fewer miles than hertz’s.

        third car – 2018 toyota camry le with ~35,000 miles

        price in hertz (non-certified): $16,700

        hertz car sales car

        edmunds price (with ~22,000 miles): $15,995

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        carmax price: $18,998

        again, edmunds is the cheapest and the car has the fewest miles.

        so are hertz car sales cars cheaper?

        a limited review like this will always be, well, limited. I can’t do a complete statistical study with thousands of car sales and prices. Still, with the above, you can see clear patterns emerging: Edmunds tends to be the cheapest, closely followed by Hertz Car Sales. carmax can be much more expensive than either.

        However, it’s still essential to do your research when buying a car. be sure to compare prices from different sources for the particular model you want. At the very least, I would suggest getting 3 or more prices online, like I did above.

        are trade-ins accepted?

        yes. what apparently works is that you get a set amount of “cash” (more like credit). then use that amount to pay part of the price of a car from hertz car sales.

        clearly, however, do your research before submitting your trade. have a good idea of ​​what it’s worth so you know if you’re getting a good deal.

        hertz car sales

        do you work with bad credit?

        yes, to the extent that your lending partners do. As with virtually all types of car sales, Hertz Car Sales allows you to apply for credit with them and partner with well-known lenders to help you find a loan. here are some of their partners:

        • ally
        • td
        • pursue
        • bank of america
        • wells fargo
        • a capital letter
        • so I hope it’s not too different than applying for a bad credit car loan in any other situation. unfortunately, you may be denied or offered less favorable rates.

          Are there additional fees?

          Government fees may apply. see here.

          hertz will provide vehicle maintenance records

          no. however, they assure that “we encourage our customers to take the vehicle to their trusted mechanic to validate the quality of our vehicles and service technicians.”

          can you pay for a car with a credit card?

          no. per hertz: “…you may not use a credit or debit card to purchase the vehicle. however, we provide financing solutions for almost any budget. other acceptable forms of payment include: certified check or wire transfer. no bank checks accepted.”

          hertz car sales review: pros and cons


          • easy process and no haggling.
          • decent warranty and a company that apparently “stands behind their cars” (especially if you buy a “certified” car).
          • many cars are very new and will also have a manufacturer’s warranty.
          • relatively low prices.
          • generous test drive and rent-to-own programs.
          • cons

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