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Britax is a 70-year-old European company that came to the United States in 1996. In a short time, the company became one of the most popular baby gear brands in the country. the britax company works to design baby products that enhance family life and products include a variety of easier to install strollers and car seats] they also own the bob stroller company which specializes in some of the best strollers to run from the market.

performance comparison

crash test

In this review, the Britax Boulevard Clicktight scored average in crash tests. All seats in this review and sold in the USA. uu. They must meet or exceed federal safety guidelines defined in FMVSS 213, which means this seat is considered safe and performs better than some of the competition in an apples-to-apples comparison of results. identical test methods. The testing methods BabyGearLab uses are identical to those used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) for true side-by-side comparison of results.

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in comparison, the boulevard had g-force test results that were fourth lowest for hip sensors and second highest for chest sensor, hurting its overall ranking compared to the competition. however, the hic forces are well below the maximum allowable by more than 710 points and below the maximum allowable chest forces by nearly 10 points.

The comparison charts below show each seat’s sensor results for a side-by-side comparison that better details how each seat earned its crash test analysis score in our review.

The graphs below show the test data for the boulevard test dummy sensors (shown in black) and the test data for the seats in this review that have the lowest g-forces recorded (shown in green) to compare.

The britax allegiance head sensor reported the lowest g-forces during testing. The clek foonf chest sensor recorded the lowest amount of g-forces compared to the other products we tested. The Britax Defender ARB Clicktight differs from the Boulevard Clicktight by having one of the lowest crash test scores in the review. This metric is the only one where the two diverged in their test results, with the Defender scoring just 3 out of 10. One impressive crash test option is the Graco Extend2fit.

The Boulevard also has a honeycomb component in the underside of the seat designed to absorb the impact of a crash. While it’s hard to say that it does this, we like most of the added safety features over the standard fare found on most car seats. The ARB version of the Boulevard also includes a removable anti-rebound bar for the rear-facing configuration of this product. this feature is designed to decrease the amount of rotation of the seat during an accident to prevent the baby from moving around too much in the seat.

ease of installation – latch

The boulevard clicktight has top-notch performance for easy installation via the latch system.

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While this seat is known for its easy installation with the vehicle belt, it is just as easy to install with the latch clips. The latch hooks are clip-on style, which makes them harder to remove (you’ll have to push them in and then twist them sideways to get them out), but they work well and are easy enough to use. The seat feels stable once installed, and the locking belt is easy to tighten and release, or at least not as hard to release as some of the competition.

The handle for adjusting the recline is located near the foot of the seat, like the other Britax options we tested. the location of the handle can make it difficult to adjust the angle after installing the seat in the rearward direction. We recommend changing the recline prior to installation to avoid the hassle of loosening the straps to get your hand between the car seat and the vehicle seat.

ease of installation – belt

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The boulevard installation using the vehicle’s belt is where this seat shines in the competition obtaining the highest possible result.

These photos show the path of the boulevard belt in the rear-facing position (upper left) and the forward-facing position (upper right).

the clicktight has a relatively unique belt installation method with a built-in tensioner/lock that is virtually foolproof and makes installing this seat the easiest option we’ve tested by far. The method means no more fumbling with the seat trying to tighten the belt enough or squirming on the seat back to apply pressure to tighten the belt.

The video below shows an overview of the boulevard clicktight installation.

to install the clicktight, lift the bottom of the seat, thread the belt through the bottom of the seat, take up any slack (do not try to tighten), then close the bottom of the seat by pushing it down until it “clicks” (hence the name clicktight). This installation is so easy that we manage it entirely from outside the vehicle without the need to exert extra pressure on the seat. The seat is very stable and it felt secure after every installation and in every car we used for testing. even threading the belt is easier than the competition because once you open the seat, the belt path is right there and easily accessible without threading the belt through tiny openings.

The boulevard has an installation indicator that helps caregivers determine when the seat installation is at the correct angle in relation to the vehicle seat (not at the recline angle).

ease of use

boulevard’s performance for ease of use is once again one of the highest scores on this metric (there seems to be a pattern here).

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Ease of use affects your daily activities and happiness with a seat, making it one of the most important metrics to consider when choosing a product.

The video above shows off some of the boulevard clicktight features.


The boulevard buckle is not difficult to use and works with one hand, but it is stiff and can be difficult for some people. the chest clip is released without putting your hand under it.

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The boulevard harness is an unreviewed option with 14 positions and moves smoothly after squeezing the handle to adjust the height. The harness can change height with your baby in the seat, which is convenient and ensures a proper fit every time. The harness adjustment uses Britax’s “click & safe” harness adjustment method, in which you pull the strap until it clicks, indicating that the harness is tight enough. We suggest rechecking the tightness with the pinch test, but we love that Britax tries to innovate its products to make them easier for parents and safer for kids. The strap slides in and out smoothly and requires little force to tighten. loosening of the harness is done with a button located relatively low in the seat cushion and behind a plastic bezel that prevents little fingers from touching it. The crotch strap has two positions that help ensure the correct fit for most babies.

latch storage

The latch clips on the boulevard are stored in small plastic cubbies on the back of the base, and the latch strap stores in a hard plastic pocket on top of the backrest. both storage compartments keep connectors safely out of the way if needed. The boulevard owner’s manual is stored behind the seat back and padding. We think there’s a chance the manual could be damaged in this location, but it’s not the worst place of the bunch.


The boulevard cover is hand wash only and air dry. this washing method is a pain since some of the competitors have machine washable covers. On the plus side, this cover is relatively easy to remove, coming off in four pieces, making removal quick and painless. Even though the cover tucks into the shell for a seamless look, it’s still easy to reattach. Since kids can make a mess, we think it’s important that the covers are washable.


This airtight seat stands out for its comfort and quality, offering extra padding, a padded headrest, and a thicker seat bottom.

the boulevard fabric is nice. The seat bottom is dense and feels thicker and more comfortable than much of the competition. The fabric looks like it will wear well over time, and it fits snug and tucks into the cover, so it looks relatively seamless.

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the shell of the boulevard is almost completely contained. Given the lack of any nooks and crannies or sharp edges, it looks like it’ll stay clean with a quick wipe and won’t snag on anything. We like smooth seat backs as they are easier to clean and less likely to cause injury or vehicle damage. the boulevard has expanded polypropylene (epp), and we prefer this type of foam to the more common expanded polystyrene (eps). it is less brittle, does not release gases and is more ecological.

The fit and finish of this Britax is better than most of the competition. The underside of the seat is smooth and completely covered with a rubber trim and embossed lettering. it is unlikely to cause any damage to the vehicle seat or leave significant marks.


the boulevard weighs 28 pounds 7 ounces; the anti-rebound bar gains 1.05 lbs in the rear-facing position only.

The lightest seat weighs just over 9 pounds, making it a better option for urban dwellers who may need to haul this seat from a taxi into town. On the plus side, the Boulevard is fairly narrow at 18 inches, with only four seats in this review measuring smaller.

should i buy the britax boulevard arb clicktight?

If you’re concerned about properly installing your car seat or having difficulty with car seat installation, then this is the seat for you. This seat scored top marks for all types of installation in all configurations, and we believe that Britax has created a seat that almost anyone can install without fear. This is a top notch product and we think most parents will love it. If you love the Britax brand but expect to spend less, the Britax Emblem is an impressive seat with features any family will love for nearly half the price of the Boulevard.

what other convertible car seat should I consider?

Although the Boulevard is an easy seat to install, it didn’t perform the best in group crash tests. So if your goal is to buy a seat with the highest crash test rating, then you might want to consider the Graco Extend2Fit. This seat delivers impressive results in our crash test metrics, and we love that it’s reasonably priced. While crash test results are important, we remind you that proper installation is also a key factor in creating the safest driving environment for your little ones. Graco is a bit more difficult to install, but if you take your time or employ expert help, it could be as safe as the boulevard, making a correctly installed seat with better crash test scores a must. reality for your little one.

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video from the manufacturer

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