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As professional and enthusiast detailers, we are always looking for the safest ways to dry a vehicle. either using the drying method, high quality drying towels, etc. One of the ways to safely and effectively speed up the drying process is to use air to dry a vehicle. I have heard of customers using leaf blowers and other ways to dry their cars. At my old shop, we had the traditional car blower system that was heavy, cumbersome, with a stiff hose that was always a nightmare. So when it came to outfitting my detailing studio with a car drying unit, I needed a blower that was strong, versatile, lightweight, and easy to store. for me, that ended up becoming the air-rs by blo car dryer.


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Don’t be fooled by its size, this little unit really packs a punch! The air-rs is a compact and lightweight car drying unit that provides filtered warm air to effectively expel water from the usual suspect areas. the unit provides air 30% warmer than ambient temperature. With a single 5.5 hp motor, the force with which the Air-RS can blow is extremely amazing for something so small and light. blo claims this lightweight motor makes 55% more power than most of its competitors.

Filter Access on the AIR-RS

The air-rs has a variable speed control near the ignition switch. This variable speed control has a minimum and maximum fan speed that allows you to dial in how much air comes out. making it easy to keep out too much air in areas where less is more. the air-rs also comes with a long 16 foot cord that gives you enough power to move around a vehicle or motorcycle without the need to pull out an extension cord like most old school traditional blower systems.

Variable Speed Control on the AIR-RS

The unit comes with two nozzles, a cone-shaped nozzle and a flat-style nozzle. Changing nozzles is extremely quick and easy. simply twist and remove to change nozzles. it locks into place and eliminates the fear of a nozzle flying out of the hose, as is common with traditional units. hoses are rubber tipped for safer drying.

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Rubber tipped cone nozzle on the AIR-RS

Flat nozzle rubber tipped for the AIR-RS

connecting the hose is also quick and easy. No more dealing with gaskets and pipe drivers. simply twist and click into place for a secure fit.

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Hose connection

The blo air-rs comes with a 6 foot hose which is certainly softer and more flexible than units I have used in the past. when the unit is on, the hose extends to a length of 16 feet!

When collapsed, the hose measures at 6ft.

The hose extended when the unit is activated

Powered on, the hose measures at 16ft

With its lightweight construction and flexible collapsible hose, the air-rs is a truly portable unit that stores easily. for me this was something I needed to have as I was never a big fan of hanging these units on a wall, having to deal with hose hangers and rigid hoses with minds of their own. I keep mine in a cabinet and it keeps things cleaner in the detail studio. when changing phones, the portability makes it a joy to pack.

BLO Air-RS Easy Storage

some things to note about the air-rs are that they are lightweight due to their plastic construction. The Air-RS feels and looks stiff, so don’t let the plastic construction hold you back, as the unit is solidly built. Unless you’re in the “I just throw my gear away without a care” mentality or a “this is why we can’t have nice things” poster child, this drive will give you years of worry-free use. Comes with a 3-year warranty on the Blo Car Dryer. the unit does not have wheels, so consider that if you are used to wheels.

I’ve been putting mine to the test for the past 3 months and it’s honestly one of the best blower systems I’ve ever used. The biggest things I love about this unit compared to the traditional vacuum/blower system I used in the past are:

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