The Best Slot Car Tracks in 2022

If you like all things race cars, you need a slot car track. that’s because slots tracks can be a lot of fun. Not just for kids, but for the whole family. my family thrives on the passion and healthy fun that these careers provide. It’s nice for those in the 8-108 age range. That’s the thrill these racing cars deliver.

However, before you jump on the bandwagon and rush out to buy your kids a slots racing track, you need to know what to look for. You don’t want to just buy the first track you come across. rather, you need to understand what will work best for your family.

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for example, if you are looking for a basic set, I recommend the carrera go!!! 62521 on the podium slot car tracks set. I bought a similar set for my family (called victory lane, but it’s out of stock right now) and I have to say, we love it. It wasn’t too expensive and it worked completely the way we expected.

If you’re looking for a race track with an app, check out the Scalextric App Race Control Pro Platinum GT 1:32 Arc Digital Slot Track Set. this set will give you more features and customizations than any other track you know of. you can choose your type of race, race conditions, acceleration graphs and maximum power. Then use the app to manage your run for maximum fun and excitement.

below, I’ll give you some helpful tips on what to look out for when looking for a good track, as well as the reasoning behind my top picks. I’ll even answer some of the most frequently asked questions below and give you a quick reference guide at the end, for your convenience. that way, once you’re ready to shop, whether online or in a store, you can easily find the model you’re looking for.

Keep in mind that most of these slot race tracks come with 1:32 scale race cars, but you can also find them in 1:43 scale and 1:64 scale. the scale you get will depend solely on what your preferences are, whether you like bigger race cars or smaller cars similar to micro scalextric slot cars.

like I said, my family loves a good slots race. we are a bit of a competitive bunch. but it’s a lot of fun, and there’s a lot of emotion.

we’re not just racing a car to the finish line; we make a competition of that. the goal is to see who can achieve the longest winning streak and maintain it in a single scenario. winner takes all! and by all, I mean they can celebrate their victory for about five minutes until it’s time to clean up and get ready for bed.

but it’s like they say in the movies, “if you’re not first, you’re last.” This is how you think of my home! While I’m relatively sure there are other families just as competitive as mine, I feel like we’re definitely cutthroat when it comes to our racing games. And in case you were wondering, my son is the reigning champion with the longest winning streak in our family.

Once you start competing, you’ll be hooked. some have turned this type of racing into a hobby, tweaking and tweaking their slot cars into works of art that can take on even the fastest slot cars.

This type of racing is not only fun, but also has other benefits for children. First, it gets them away from their video games and TV or laptop for a few hours. that’s quite a feat in and of itself! It also develops your child’s hand-eye coordination and risk-reward thinking, as well as other practical skills, such as learning to grip the controller and how much pressure to put on the trigger, when to release to slow down or push harder to go further. fast.

what should I look for on slot car tracks?

As promised, here are some criteria to consider when choosing the best slot track for your kids.

consider the age of your riders

This is important to keep in mind because most of these tracks are designed for ages 8 and up. They make slot tracks for younger kids, but navigating the controller can be challenging for an adult, let alone a six or seven year old.

decide where you will set up the track

You’ll want to decide where you’ll set up the track before you make your purchase. this will let you know if you have enough space for the track you want. Another good point is that you probably don’t want to install it in the middle of your living room or dining room where people could step on it, food could be spilled on it, or pet hair could get trapped inside.

Determine how often your runners will race

Determining how often your runners will race goes hand-in-hand with that last point. Although most of these tracks don’t take a lot of time to set up or take down, you don’t want to have to do it too often. this can wear down the tabs and cause them to become loose or break.

read the product reviews

this is a big one for me. read product reviews. you can know a lot about a product by doing this. parents are brutally honest. This is especially true if the product is damaged, not working, or generally not up to your expectations. By reading the reviews, you can also find out how the company handles complaints, whether the manufacturer was willing to honor warranties or warranties, and how you rate the product overall.

this is how I determined the best slot tracks

I have determined the best slot tracks in several ways. First, I reviewed my experience and that of other family members and friends. I compared the features to the price points and of course, since I practice what I preach, I read the reviews. I did this by taking the time to look for common problems or damage, and if any, how the manufacturer handled them. I also researched how the tracks rated in comparison to each other.

our top picks for the best slot track of 2022

#1: race ahead!!! 62522 Victory Lane Slots Clue Set (Best Value)

let’s race! 62522 victory lane on amazon

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race let’s go!!! The 62522 Victory Lane Electric Powered Slot Car Track Set is one of the best slot car tracks for its value. It comes with 28.22 feet of track length and is ready to race right out of the box. Kids of all ages will love the excitement this clue game provides.

realistic cars

The 1:43 scale Lamborghini Huracan GT3 and Mercedes-AMG GT3, Mann-Filter Team HTP #47 battery powered cars that come with this track are quite realistic looking. Your kids will love not only how these cars look, but how fast they travel. These slot cars reach scale speeds of up to 370 miles per hour.

awesome track features

The features of this slots racing game are amazing. With long straightaways, banked turns, a junction and a chicane, this slot track is sure to provide hours of fun for your kids.

face-to-face action

the face-to-face action means this could be a great group activity. invite your children’s friends and family to play for a good time.


Your kids can customize these track pieces with the use of expansion sets, accessories, and a wide selection of additional cars. they will be able to create new and challenging races every time.

ready to race

Everything your kids need to have fun with this race track comes in one box. From the cars, to the hand controls, to the track pieces, your kids will be ready to go as soon as the box arrives.


The race reviews are on!!! 62522 Victory Lane Electric Slot Car Racing Kids Toy Race Track Set is excellent. They agree that this product is fun, exciting, and worth the money. I bought this for my family and I have to say that we love it. It wasn’t too expensive and it completely worked the way we expected. definitely a great buy.

#2: App Race Control Pro Platinum GT 1:32 Arc Scalextric Digital Slot Track Set (Best Premium)

get the scalextric race control pro platinum app on amazon

Want to buy the best slot system out there? If you’re not concerned about price, consider the Scalextric Race Control Pro Platinum GT 1:32 Arc Slot Digital Race Track Set app. this digital setup allows you to use one app for more features and customizable upgrades than any other track on this list.

allows up to 6 riders

unlike the race go!!! 62522 Victory Lane Electric Slot Kids Toy Race Track Set App Scalextric Race Control Pro Platinum GT 1:32 Scale Arc Digital Slot Race Track Set Allows for up to six racers for added fun and excitement. the set comes with four cars, but more can be purchased separately.

cool cars

This slots track set features the coolest cars, including the Aston Martin Vantage GT3, Ford Mustang GT4, Mercedes-AMG GT3, and Bentley Continental GT3 race cars. your kids will love racing these.

free app for additional features

Download the free Arc app and connect your phone or tablet to the Arc Powerbase to unlock additional features and have more control over your runs. your kids will be able to personalize their racing experience. they can choose from a variety of weather conditions, as well as view tire wear, fuel and brake usage, and get post-race statistics.

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wireless controllers

This slots racing track comes with wireless controllers. these controllers contain an audible packet that will inform the racer if their car needs to pit or if the weather changes.

ability to modify cars

Watch your kids modify their 1:32 scale cars from one of five pre-configured acceleration charts. this gives them the ability to set their car’s maximum power to suit their particular style of racing.


Reviewers of these slot tracks say it’s the most fun they’ve had in years. they were able to get their kids away from their video games for a few hours for some family fun. These products are great for kids who love their gadgets. kids can combine their technology with this slots track and have maximum fun.

#3: race ahead!!! 62476 disney pixar cars slot car tracks game (best premium)

let’s race! 62476 disney pixar cars on amazon

Do you have a Disney Pixar fan? Do you love lightning mcqueen and the other car characters? if so, this is the slots track for them. That’s because this track set features lightning mcqueen and jackson storm as rivals.

more than six feet of track

This electric slot game comes with over six feet of track. The track set comes with a loop, curves, and straights. it even has car-themed railings. your kids will have a blast battling their way to the finish line on this track.

fast scaling speeds

how’s the race going!!! Victory Lane Electric Slot Car Racing Kids Toy Race Track Set 62522 This slot car track features 1:43 scale cars that can reach scale speeds of up to 370 miles per hour.

lightning mcqueen vs storm jackson

As I mentioned earlier, this slots game features lightning mcqueen and jackson storm. watch your kids battle these two rivals and see who gets to the finish line first.

turbo boost

The controls come with a turbo boost that gives your kid’s slot car a burst of speed on demand to make the action even more exciting.


also similar to the go!!! Victory Line 62522 Electric Slot Car Racing Kids Toy Race Track Set, Your kids can customize and expand this slot car racing track with the use of expansion sets and track parts, accessories and a selection of additional cars. your kids will never get bored with the new challenging race settings.

all in one box

This slots track set is also ready for the race. Includes all necessary track parts, cars, and hand controllers. all you have to do is set it up and you’re done.


This is a great slots game for kids of all ages. it’s fun and exciting. The best thing about this product is that it provides hours of fun for the whole family. my two year old grandson has this track and he loves it. he and his dad spend hours playing along with this song.

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#4: Hot Wheels Super Speed ​​Blastway Dual Track’ (Best Premium)

get the hot wheels super speed blastway dual track on amazon

If you’re looking for the best slots hints but don’t want to spend a lot of money, this is a great slots hint that won’t break your bank. It’s perfect if your kids are already a fan of hot wheels and have an existing track. you can connect these two tracks for an incredible racing experience.

punch throwers

This slot car racing game comes with two racer-activated punch launchers to start the race. your kids can hit the launcher and watch their cars take off down the track.

parallel action

This slots track offers exciting side-by-side racing. your kids will spend hours competing with each other.

lap counters

This comes with pop-up characters in the grandstands that activate with each lap the cars complete around the track. what a fun way to keep track of laps!

checkered flag

You never have to worry about who won. the checkered flag will reveal the ultimate racing champion.

connects to other track sets

comparable to the race go!!! Slot Car Tracks This Hot Wheels slot car track set comes with track pieces that can be connected to other slot car track sets for even more excitement. your kids can customize and build the race track of their dreams.


Parents love these products because they are customizable and allow their kids to be creative while they play. It also comes with two race cars, but can be used by any hot wheels car. my son loved these slot car tracks. he spent hours in his arcade expanding his tracks, reconfiguring them and then racing his sister. this is definitely worth it.

#5: scalextric super karts (best for kart fans)

get the scalextric superkarts on amazon

If your child is a fan of go-karts, the scalextric super karts will be perfect for them. That’s because this slot game comes with two life-like go-karts and over 15 feet of track length.

fast speeds

These 1:32 scale go-karts will reach scale speeds of 300 miles per hour. They’re a bit slower than some of the other models on this list, but they’ll still provide a lot of fun for racing and go-kart fans.

digital plug ready

These slot car racing games are digitally ready for when you’re ready to upgrade from analog to digital racing.


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sticky tires and magnatraction help these racing go-karts stay on the track at speed.

comes with a power supply

This slot track set comes with its own power system that plugs into the wall for convenience and ease.

ready to go

how’s the race going!!! 62522 victory lane electric powered slot car racing game for kids and the race let’s go! 62476 Disney Pixar Cars Speed ​​Challenge Electric Slot Car Racing Game For Kids These slot games come ready to go. these products have everything from track and car parts to hand controllers and a power bank.


For my family, this is an awesome slots game. we are a kart racing family so i might be a bit biased but this is a great set of tracks and a lot of fun.

#6: scalextric c1368t 24 hr le mans sports cars slot car analog 1:32 race track set (best premium)

get scalextric c1368t 24 hr le mans sports cars on amazon

The Scalextric C1368T 24 Hr Le Mans Sports Cars Slot Car Analog 1:32 Race Track Set is configured to resemble the real-life 24 Hr Le Mans races that almost every car fan can follow. See if you can race your 1:32 scale car to the finish line before the next racer does.

ideal for all levels

The race controllers for this track set have a four position selector switch. This switch allows the racer to choose slow or fast speed settings. this makes it ideal for all skill sets; beginners can play it safe and go slow until they get the hang of it, while an advanced runner can rev it up to full throttle for more challenging runs.

lap counter

Just like the hot wheels super speed blastway double track racing, this slots track comes with a lap counter. While this counter doesn’t include a crowd jumping off the stands, it does add an extra dimension to help make slot racing even more fun.

four layout options

These racetracks include over 16 feet of track. your kids can set up four different layout options. they’ll love the variety, and it can all be done in just minutes.


just like scalextric super karts, these slot tracks feature magnatraction to keep the race cars on the track when going at speed.

battery pack

just like scalextric super karts, this slot track set comes with a power system that plugs into the wall, so there’s no need to worry about buying extra batteries.

ready to race

just like the other slot car track sets on this list, this one too comes ready to race with everything you need in one box, including cars, track pieces, and a power bank.


Both parents and children are very satisfied with this product and say it is the best slot car racing track. I personally like this one for its different styling options and its magnatraction feature that keeps the car on track.

how do slot cars work?

Slot cars are scale electric cars that have an electric motor. They are controlled with a speed controller that allows the racer to make the car go faster or slower depending on how hard they pull the trigger. These slot cars race on a slot car track that is either plastic or has a routed track. The name of the game is getting from start to finish without crashing, going off track or stopping.

Most of the sets on this list come with at least one speed controller. The one exception is the Hot Wheels Super Speed ​​Blastway Double Track Racer, which comes with a punch launcher.

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how do I keep the cars on the track?

There are several great ways to keep your slot cars on the slot track. the first is practice. as they say, “practice means perfect”. this also applies to slot racing. the more you practice handling the controller and the slot car, the better you will be and the less likely you will be to go off the track.

Another way to keep your slot car on the race track is to keep it clean. remove the hood of the car to inspect its various parts. look for anything that might need repairs. In particular, inspect the pickup shoes. you want to make sure everything is in good working order.

Lastly, stick to one or two slot cars. this way you’ll know without a doubt what you’re working with and you won’t have to worry about the performance of a particular slot car.

can I make them go faster? how?

yes, you can make these slot cars go faster. there are a few different ways to do it.

When you’re cleaning your slot car, look for areas that can be improved. you can upgrade the casing, electric motor, braids, gears or gear sets, magnets and more. It’s up to you to decide whether to tune and what to do to make your slot car faster.

burn out the engine. While this can be done by simply racing the slot car around the race track multiple times, it can also be done using water. you’ll want to do this by removing the shell and connecting the braids to the power supply. then submerge the car in a bowl of water, where you will run it for about 20 minutes. during this time, change the voltage from the lowest speed to the maximum. hold slow, then medium, then high speed for five minutes at each level. Once you’ve done this, run the slot car at the same speed you plan to race at while still on the water. Take it out of the water and dry it completely. be sure to get all the water out of each crack. it is recommended to use a spray lubricant on the motor, a door opener lubricant for the gears and a light lubricant for the shafts and bushings.

are all race tracks supported?

the short answer here is no. unfortunately, not all are supported. however, if you want to extend the tracks of your car, you can always purchase additional extension packs.

are all scalextric tracks compatible?

the good news here is that, yes, the new scalextric slot car sets are compatible with the old slot tracks.

do scalextric cars work on race tracks and vice versa?

Here’s some more good news for slot car enthusiasts. scalextric cars can be upgraded to run on race tracks and race cars can run on scalextric tracks. this can make your racing system much more fun and exciting.

verdict: your best slot car track ever

As promised, here’s the cliff notes version of my top picks above, as well as a quick reminder why they’re my top picks.

if you want the best value for money on a slot car track, choose the go!!! 62522 Kids Toy Racing Track Set with Electric Victory Lane Slots. This is the best slots track because of its realistic looking racing cars and awesome features for great head-to-head action.

If you want to spend the extra money and get the best of the best slot track, choose the scalextric race control pro platinum gt 1:32 arc digital slot race track set app. This is the ultimate slots track for up to six racers and can be used with your smartphone or tablet for a full digital experience.

if you are looking for aslot car track for disney pixar fans, choose the go!!! 62476 disney pixar cars speed challenge electric car racing track game with slots for kids. This is a slots track that allows your kids to race lightning mcqueen and jackson storm cars to the finish line.

If you want a slot track but don’t want to spend a lot of money, choose the hot wheels super speed blastway double track racing. this is the best slots hint that won’t devastate your wallet. This slot track features slam launchers and its spin counter is shaped like fun characters on the grandstand.

if you are looking for a slot car track for go-kart fans, choose the scalextric superkarts. This slots game comes digitally plug-in-ready and features super-attraction and fast speeds for exhilarating excitement every time.

If you are looking for a slot track that has the best sports cars, choose the 1:32 scalextric c1368t 24 hr le mans sports cars analog race track set for slot cars. Not only is it the best track for le mans fans, it’s also great for all levels of racers, has a lap counter, and comes with four different layout options.

Whether you choose a racing, scalextric, or even a hot wheels slot car track, your kids are guaranteed to have a great time. It’s fun to turn it into a competition and see who can keep their winning streak going or who can go the fastest around a turn or chicane without running their car off the track.

remember to read the reviews when buying your slot car tracks. this will give you a lot of information to help you make an informed buying decision. Consider the different prices of the slot cars you are looking for, as well as the features you want your slot cars or tracks to have. be sure to determine if the tracks will require batteries or come with their own power supply. Please note that most controllers will require AA batteries at some point. it’s a good rule of thumb to keep them handy, just in case.

regardless of which track you ultimately purchase, just remember that it’s good old fashioned fun and a great way to get the whole family involved. You don’t need to be insanely competitive. sit back, grab a controller and race that car to the finish line!

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