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we’re rounding up the latest cheap car camera deals so you can save money and opt for extra security on the road. While you can easily sink three figures on a high-end security system for your car, there are plenty of cheap dash cams on the market that offer inexpensive alternatives that will still help you on your journeys. All of these cameras are also regularly involved in sales and discounts, so savings can always be found if you’re looking in the right place.

That’s why we rounded up all the cheap dashcam models to look out for, comparing value for money against other competitors’ feature lists and spec sheets. Not only that, but our price comparison software will also get you the biggest discounts on the web on these dash cams every half hour.

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in an ideal world, we wouldn’t need dash cams. But this isn’t an ideal world, and thanks to insurance scammers, terrible drivers, and the freaky giant rock rolling down the side of a mountain onto the freeway, dash cam sales have meant even more people are recording while driving. they roll. In this roundup, we’ve found the best deals on some great dash cams.

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we’ve gone with models that offer the best number of features and build quality for your money, so you know you’re getting the best dash cam at the lowest price available.

cheap dashcam deals and deals

The 622gw is the latest model from nextbase and ranks number one on techradar’s list of best dash cams. nextbase 622gw offers fantastic video quality, allowing users to capture 4k footage at 30fps. The dash cam has image stabilization for super smooth recording and a polarizing filter to reduce reflections and reflections. The 622GW model also features enhanced night vision and extreme weather mode, so no matter the elements or the weather, you’ll still get a clear image. The dash cam works with Amazon Alexa, so you can ask questions, play music, check the weather and more, completely hands-free.

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If you’re looking for a compact dash cam, the garmin mini 2 is a great option and can be easily hidden behind your car’s rearview mirror. Despite its size, the tiny dash cam features a wide 140-degree field of view and records 1080p video with Garmin’s clear HDR optics, so you’ll get a clear image day and night. While the Garmin Mini 2 lacks a screen, the dash cam has a compatible app so you can easily access the camera and you’ll receive alerts if an incident is detected. You also get an extra USB port and voice control, so you can tell the camera to start recording completely hands-free.

The nextbase 522gw is the dash cam that has it all, and the company claims it’s the world’s first 1440p dash cam with alexa built-in. The NextBase 522GW features a three-inch touchscreen, a wide-angle lens, Bluetooth 4.2, and Wi-Fi technologies that give you quick access to important images. The nextbase dash cam includes an SOS feature that will alert emergency services with your location details if you do not respond in the event of an accident.

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nexar beam is an affordable and compact dash cam that is great for everyday drivers. The dash cam can be easily hidden behind your rear view mirror and record 1080p HD video with a 135 degree viewing angle. The Nexar can automatically detect accidents and save them as clips that are automatically backed up to your free, unlimited cloud account. The downside to the Nexar Beam is that the dash cam only works when paired with the compatible app, and while it can still work in the background if you’re using other apps, it can drain your phone’s battery life.

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Capture images in 4K Ultra HD resolution with the Kenwood DRV-A601W, which includes two interior cameras, one for the front and one for the rear of your vehicle, to make sure all incidents are recorded. Kenwood’s dash cam features a three-inch touchscreen and includes a built-in g-shock sensor designed to detect a collision. the kenwood also includes gps technology and comes with a 64gb microsd card for recording images.

The vantrue n2 pro is designed for people who need to record not only what happens outside the vehicle, but also inside it. That makes it ideal for taxi and Uber drivers, professional drivers, and anyone prone to sharing a little karaoke. The specs are generous: 170-degree viewing in front and 140 in, dual 1920 x 1080 recording at 30fps, indoor night vision with motion detection, and good-quality audio recording, too. It’s quite expensive compared to other dash cams, but it’s a bit of insurance – you’d rather not need it, but if disaster strikes, you’ll be glad you did.

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