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Do you want to improve your driving experience? consider investing in a remote starter. With a handy remote start in your pocket, you can control the environment inside your car before you get in. With the push of a button, you can cool down your car on hot sunny days, or turn on the heater and seat warmers when temperatures plummet. While you may still have to brave the elements to get into your car, remote starters ensure that once you get inside, you’ll find an oasis waiting for you.

setting a comfortable temperature isn’t the only advantage of getting a car remote start system. Purchasing and installing a device that allows a car owner to start their car remotely offers many benefits, such as increased safety and the ability to melt snow and ice with a de-icer. Let’s take a look at the best remote car jump starters on the market, based on expert picks and customer reviews. be sure to read on for our tips on choosing the right system and remote starter installation.

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comparison of the best remote car starters

if you’re looking for a remote car jump starter with valet mode, the avital 5105l is the way to go.

what you need to know about remote car starters

The first thing to know if you’re interested in a remote jump starter for your vehicle is whether it’s compatible with one. Most aftermarket starters can be installed on most vehicles with an automatic transmission, even older ones, but it’s worth checking with the manufacturer of the starter you’re interested in (or the retailer who sells it to you) before you buy it.

A notable exception to vehicle compatibility involves manual transmissions. Vehicles with manual transmissions cannot be purchased with remote starts, but some aftermarket brands advertise compatibility with these cars. However, just because it’s possible doesn’t make it a good idea – using a remote starter with a manual transmission car presents potential safety concerns. For this reason, it is not recommended to install remote starters on manual transmission vehicles and some installation centers will refuse to do so.

“Although it is possible to install a remote starter in a vehicle with a manual transmission, I would never recommend doing so,” says Alex Manos, CEO and owner of the Beverly Hills Automobile Club. manos is an expert in european classic cars, and his company is one of the largest classic car dealers in north america. “The reason is that even with better systems that have built-in safety devices, the car could still try to start if you leave it in gear. The vehicle can roll forward and hit an object in front of it. So, for safety and liability reasons, I’m against installing remote starters in cars with manual transmissions.”

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The viper 5706v’s remote transmission can also provide a reading of your car’s cabin temperature.

It’s also important to note that not all remote starters have the same capabilities. “One-way” models simply send a signal to your vehicle to start, but if the signal is obstructed or the car’s engine can’t start for some other reason, you won’t know until you get there. “Bi-way” jump starters send a signal to your remote to confirm that the car’s engine has started. some jump starters also offer security features such as car alarm systems and the ability to lock or unlock the doors.

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Your remote start system is also limited by the capabilities of your vehicle. In some cars, if you want to moderate the temperature, you will need to leave the heater or air conditioning on before turning off the vehicle. however, vehicles that have climate control capabilities will begin to automatically adjust the temperature based on the outside temperature, just as they would if started from the inside.

One of the areas where remote car jump starters differ is in their range of work, and there is a wide variety between models. some cars come with remote starters from the factory, but they usually have ranges as low as 30 to 40 feet. meanwhile, there are aftermarket remote start options with ranges up to a mile.

In addition to being a remote car starter, the viper 5706v is also a security system.

While 30 to 40 feet might sound like enough when your car is parked in your driveway and you’re on the couch, it’s not always that simple. If you’re at a mall on a hot day, you might want to start your car (and air conditioning) before you head out, which could mean you’ll be over a thousand feet away on a crowded day. Additionally, obstructions reduce your existing range – when you’re inside a commercial building, you’re likely to lose 75-80% of your range.

Many drivers are concerned about how remote car start will affect their vehicles, but this is largely unfounded. For one, a properly installed starter will not void your warranty. By federal law, aftermarket installations do not void vehicle warranties. Plus, properly installed starters won’t damage your engine. Starters drain off the battery in order to run, but so do all of the electrical accessories on the car. the fact is that installing a remote car starter can increase the value of your vehicle.

Finally, it’s important to use remote start safely, which means paying attention to where (and for how long) you leave your car’s engine idling. If your car is parked in a garage and you start it remotely, the dangerous gases will be trapped in an enclosed area (such as your home, if it’s an attached garage). Some states also have laws against idling, even in open spaces, to protect air quality. make sure you are familiar with safety regulations before using a remote starter.

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don’t leave your car idle in a closed garage.

remote car start installation

with most automotive accessories, installing a remote car starter comes down to a simple question: do you want the convenience of having a professional do it for you, or would you rather save some money and do it yourself? with remote car starters, the situation is a bit different.

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Remote starter installation can be a very complicated procedure, and seeking help from an experienced automotive electrical professional (as opposed to a mechanic) is often the best course of action. some dealerships will install them for you.

“It’s common practice [for a dealership] to install a remote starter if requested,” says Richard Reina, Carid’s director of product training. Reina has been working in the automotive industry in sales, engineering and mechanics for 30 years. “If the factory remote starter is available, I recommend it over an aftermarket version. However, you can also ask if there is an option between a factory remote and an aftermarket remote – compare prices based on parts and labor, and don’t forget to ask about the warranty on each one.however, keep in mind that on modern cars, an aftermarket remote starter requires obtaining a spare key that needs to be hidden in the car as part installation. That’s the only way the remote can start the car. Because the ignition has to be able to communicate with the transponder in the key.”

python 4806p can start a car from up to a mile away.

Some starters require extensive wiring and rewiring to function, while others may require a bypass module to allow your vehicle’s computer to recognize the starter as a spare key. attempting to perform these tasks yourself is not only difficult, but could also present an electrocution hazard.

“In the long run, [installing the launcher yourself] may cost more than paying a professional to install it,” says Manos. “If you misidentify the correct circuit, you can cause significant damage to the car’s electrical components. These electrical errors can void your car’s warranty and cost you dearly in repairs.”

Of course, installation isn’t cheap, and labor fees can even exceed the cost of the starting device itself: Remote car starter installation costs an average of $150-$500. the good news is that it is a relatively quick job, which can be done in three hours.

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To have a professionally installed remote car jump starter will cost an average of $150-$500.

If you have experience working with electronics and are determined to install your own jump starter, you’ll want to make sure it’s compatible with your vehicle and that all necessary accessories are included (like a bypass module, for example). bulldog security offers wiring information for a wide selection of vehicle makes and models, all free to view. You’ll want to refer to the appropriate page for your vehicle, then refer to the instructional information that came with your remote start kit. if none were included and the manufacturer suggests hiring a professional to do the installation, then that is the best course of action.

5 things to know before getting a remote car jump starter

  • Does your vehicle have an automatic or manual transmission? If you have a manual transmission, a remote car starter is not recommended as it cannot be wired for complete safety.
  • what are the idling laws in your state? Some states have laws against unnecessary engine idling, which means that using a remote car starter can be difficult or even impossible. make sure you fully understand your local regulations before purchasing a remote start system.
  • How long do you need the range of your remote car starter to be? shorter ranges may be fine for starting your car in your driveway, but when you’re in crowded places, a longer one may be beneficial. note that the ranges given are maximums, with interference reducing the numbers.
  • Do you want a 1-way or 2-way remote starter? A bi-directional jump starter sends a signal to your key fob confirming that the car has started, which can be invaluable on a very cold or hot day. however, they also tend to be more expensive.
  • how do you plan to install your remote boot? Are you doing it at the dealership or are you going to a dedicated installation professional? remember, self-installation is not recommended unless you have a background in electronics.
  • written by scott fried for roadshow.

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