✅2020 Nitro OBD2 Review

Nitro OBD2 Review

matt here with the scanner responds with a nitro obd2 check. there has been a lot of buzz around this chip because it claims to improve engine power and increase fuel economy by “automatically adjusting the ecu configuration”. I was skeptical of this tool and we’re still not convinced it’s a great solution. We tested it on a 2005 Tundra and saw about a 1.5 mpg increase after using a full tank. power seemed unaffected. we have spoken to other friends who have used it and they also have mixed reports. some people say they feel a power boost and mileage gain, others say the tool did nothing.

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a look at the nitro obd2 performance chip tuning box

Simply put: If you’re trying to get that last mileage out of your commuter car, give this chip a try. but don’t expect magical results.

what is obd2 nitro chip?

Constructed with a striking yellow outer shell with crisp white accents, the Nitro OBD2 Performance Tuning Chip is a powerful device that works to increase the performance and reliability of vehicle engines.

Perfect for the budget-conscious buyer, this highly affordable vehicle diagnostic product provides immensely valuable information on damaged car systems while effortlessly increasing performance levels.

Made to fit all cars made after 1996, the Nitro OBD2 is easy to install and simply plugs into the OBD2 connector found on all vehicles.

Using the Nitro Performance OBD2 OBDII Chip Tuning Box is relatively easy to use and simply requires plugging the device into the OBD2 connector found under the dash on all vehicles made after 1996. Twist and hold the ignition for 30 seconds and then turning the engine on will start the operation of the OBD2 diagnostic device, at which time it can start scanning your vehicle.

The nitro obd2 obdii performance chip tuning box will produce a multitude of results when it comes to your cars maintenance, troubleshooting and performance issues. With this critically important information, car owners can easily and effectively self-diagnose and troubleshoot in an affordable manner without having to consult an expensive mechanic or expensive shop and ultimately make well-informed decisions about performance. and the reliability of their vehicles.

product summary and details:

Nitro Obdii Performance Tuning Chart: Full Summary

The nitro obd performance chip tuning box is a highly affordable option for vehicle owners looking for a device that encompasses performance, affordability, and strength. Capable of being used on both gasoline and diesel turbo cars, the Nitro OBD2 works based on remapping the vehicle’s computer ECU through highly specialized OBD2 protocols.

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after driving 124 miles, nitro’s obd2 takes individualized driving style into account and self-adjusts to the car and proceeds to remap the ecu again to increase the vehicles engine performance capabilities.

obd’s ability to recognize individualized driving style not only allows it to increase performance, but also allows it to continuously remap and self-tune to increase a vehicle’s torque, power and dexterity.

how does it work?

Nitro’s OBD2 features simple operation and only needs to be plugged into your vehicle’s OBD2 connector to immediately generate diagnostic error and fault codes, further increasing your car’s performance.

When plugged into the obdii connector, the nitro receives important information from your vehicle’s ecu system. This information informs the Nitro OBD2 to automatically adjust injection timing, pressure, and fuel amounts to dramatically increase car performance in countless ways.

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Obd2 Nitro Performance Chip Tuning Box Features

  • up to 35% more power
  • up to 25% more torque
  • easy to use without effort
  • works by changing the signals from the ecu to improve the entire injection map
  • ce/fcc/rohs certificates
  • very affordable and economical performance chip
  • easily removable
  • safe and affordable fitting method
  • automatic adjustment mechanism that takes into account the personalized driving style
  • features optimal settings ideal for your vehicle without the need for additional adjustments
  • recognizes individualized driving style after 124 miles of driving and automatically adjusts to improve performance
  • returns to factory settings after unplugging
  • equipped with comprehensive engine protection functions that ensure the safety of your vehicle.
  • produced with smd technology
  • how to install nitro performance chip

    • plug nitro obd2 into your car obd2 connector which is under dash
    • turn the ignition on and hold it for 30 seconds without starting the vehicle
    • press the reset button for about 5 seconds
    • release the button and wait approximately 30-60 seconds while nitro obd2 communicates and establishes connection to the ecu
    • proceed to start the engine
    • follow the code reading procedures in the instruction manual
    • when prompted, enter the vehicle vin, vehicle make and model, and engine type
    • start the scan to receive diagnostic trouble codes.
    • clear codes as needed
    • if you need more information on individual faults and error codes, please refer back to the instruction manual or cd-rom that came with the obd2 scanner, or do a quick internet search
    • use your newly discovered diagnostic information to make the right modifications, repairs, and purchases to improve and repair your vehicle
    • Nitro Obd2 Performance Chip Tuning Box – Additional Information

      multi-protocol support:


      • read diagnostic trouble, fault and error codes
        • read generic and manufacturer specific codes
          • interprets the meanings of over 3000 generic codes and their definitions from a comprehensive database
            • clears diagnostic error codes and turns off check engine light (mil)
              • display current sensor data
                • engine revs
                  • coolant temperatures
                    • calculated load values

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