Bankers life and casualty long term care insurance reviews

banker’s life has been a well-known name in long-term care insurance for some time. However, the company and its parent company, Conseco (CNO financial group), have had a troubled history.

Financial ratings are important, although they only apply to a company’s financial stability, not the quality of its products. Generally, consumers should look for companies with a rating from one or better individual rating companies. many experts look at a comdex rating. A Comdex rating is a composite score that averages the ratings of the major insurance rating organizations, including Am Best, Fitch, Moody’s, and Standard and Poor’s. 100 is the highest score, and the banker’s is 62. am best is usually the individual rating company that many experts look at and rates the company’s financial strength as b++ (good). Standard and Poor’s is the other rating company that the experts review, and the banker’s rating is “bbb+”.

Reading: Bankers life and casualty long term care insurance reviews

These organizations may change their rating frequently.

troubled history

For most long-term care insurance specialists and consumers, the biggest concern is the parent company’s troubled history. conseco (cno financial group) owns the life of the banker. conseco has had a troubled financial past, leading many long-term care specialists not to recommend the banker’s life. conseco has raised its profile recently, but many specialists express concern.


Another concern is that life for bankers has earned a reputation for being very difficult at claim time. If you or a loved one has a banker’s life long-term care insurance policy, it is strongly recommended that you seek help when filing a claim.

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ltc news offers free, no-obligation help with claims and case management for filing a long-term care insurance claim.

ltc news rating

ltc news rates all the major long-term care insurance products. you can read current ratings and recommendations here: the best long-term care insurance options.

variety of product options

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banker’s life has several series of products depending on your state. the products have several features and benefits that consumers and long-term care insurance specialists look for in a long-term care insurance policy.

There are variations between the language of the policy and the benefits of insurance companies that offer long-term care insurance; however, the main features and benefit options are comparable from company to company. Premiums and underwriting criteria vary drastically between insurance companies.

remember, insurance companies must file their products and prices with each state’s department of insurance before they are allowed to offer products in that state.

features available with banker’s life long-term care insurance:

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