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When we think of brightening skincare, often the first product that comes to mind is a serum. With concentrated active ingredients, brightening serums seem to be the go-to products for combating stubborn dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

While it’s true that many of the most popular skin care products in the lightening category are serums, we can’t help but wonder if there’s something else we can do for our skin to maximize the brightening effect. Will complementing a good brightening serum with other brightening products help? Or will it make no difference?

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To find out, one of our team who has been using only a brightening serum (with other products that aren’t) tried out an entire skincare range dedicated to brightening for two weeks. Let’s see if he thinks it’s worth investing in something other than a serum.

b.glen brightening care “luminous glass skin set” review: the products we used

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B.glen Brightening Care Review Group

for this experiment, i tried the b.glen brightening care range, which includes a face wash, toner, essence, serum and moisturizer. This entire range is based on two main ingredients, Vitamin C and Arbutin, to fade dark spots and even out skin tone for an overall brightening effect.

I had heard so much about b.glen and its scientific and innovative approach to skin care, so although I was hesitant to try so many new products at once, I was very excited.

step 1: b.glen clay wash

B.glen Brightening Care Review Clay Wash

apparently, the cleansing step is one of the most neglected parts of the skin lightening routine for many. During this experiment, I learned that you need to remove all dirt and impurities thoroughly to make your skin look less dull and tired. a good brightening cleanser also allows other skin care products to penetrate more effectively.

The b.glen clay wash I used contains montmorillonite clay to remove dirt, dead skin cells, and excess oxidized sebum. this is my absolute favorite product in the entire range; I love that it leaves my skin clean yet hydrated and supple afterwards.

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despite being a clay wash, it did not strip my skin of its natural oils. It’s probably just as hydrating thanks to the inclusion of hyaluronic acid and squalane in the formula.

step 2: b.glen qusome lotion

B.glen Brightening Care Review Qusome Lotion

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My skin has always been dry and dehydrated, but I never really associated dryness with why my skin sometimes looks dull and tired.

That’s why b.glen qusome lotion was a game changer. Its formula is intensely moisturizing thanks to the ingredient Salicornia herbacea extract – my skin instantly felt more hydrated and supple upon application. I love how light and watery the texture is, because it absorbs very quickly without leaving any residue on the skin.

apparently, the fast absorption comes from qusome® technology (hence the name “qusome lotion”!), which improves the penetration rate of not only the lotion but subsequent b.glen products which has me put. no wonder all b.glen products can soak into my skin so quickly!

step 3: b.glen c serum

B.glen Brightening Care Review C Serum

vitamin c is one of the most powerful brightening ingredients for fading dark spots and hyperpigmentation, as well as increasing the skin’s turnover rate, so it’s no wonder b.glen incorporates it into its brightening range, this highly concentrated serum is actually one of b.glen’s best sellers, having sold over 1.3 million tubes since 2010, so you know its effectiveness has been well proven.

texture-wise, c-serum is watery and feels a bit greasy when first applied. however, after massaging into the skin, it absorbs completely and does not leave behind any sticky residue. i also felt a warm sensation on my skin after applying the c-serum, which is apparently a sign that the ingredients are actually penetrating the skin. the sensation of heat disappears after a few minutes.

step 4: b.glen qusome white essence

B.glen Brightening Care Review Qusome White Essence

I was surprised to find that this “essence” doesn’t have the same watery texture as other scents I’ve tried, but it does have a thicker, serum-like consistency that I really love. it feels really luxurious on my skin and still absorbs very quickly.

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You’ve probably heard that many brightening ingredients can’t be used during the day, as they oxidize easily and lose efficacy once exposed to daylight. however, he was happy to learn that he could use b.glen qusome white essence both morning and night.

This is thanks to the qusome® technology that helps stabilize the brightening active ingredient arbutin in the essence so it doesn’t oxidize as easily and can work its magic any time of day!

step 5: b.glen qusome moisture rich cream

B.glen Brightening Care Review Qusome Moisture Rich Cream

The last step of the routine is an anti-aging cream designed to prevent and correct the signs of aging. I love that this product comes with a spatula, so there is no contamination. I also appreciate that it doesn’t have any scent, so there’s less risk of irritation to my skin.

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True to its name, this moisturizer has a rich, creamy texture, yet feels lightweight and absorbs quickly. After two weeks of using it, I have noticed that my skin feels softer and smoother. this may be due to the exclusive qusome® age recovery complex, which helps stimulate collagen production and firm the skin. While I haven’t experienced any sagging skin yet, who would say no to smoother, more supple skin?

b.glen illuminating care “luminous crystal skin set” review: the result and verdict

I previously used just a brightening serum, hoping it would help fade my hyperpigmentation and even out my overall skin tone.

However, I stopped using it because the result was not very noticeable. I also didn’t like the texture of the serum – it felt sticky on my skin and the sticky residue made my makeup look bad on top.

When starting this experiment, I was a little hesitant considering how many layers I would put on my skin, especially in the sun. I tend to keep my routine simple as too many products can easily overwhelm my skin.

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Overall, I’m very happy with the experience. Compared to using just a brightening serum, the result is definitely more visible!

after applying all of the b.glen products, my skin has a highly hydrated youthful glow that makes me feel confident enough to leave the house with just brows and blush. I feel like the dull area around my nose has visibly lightened, which is a huge win for me.

Although I don’t have huge concerns about skin care, I’ve always hoped my complexion would be able to reflect more light (crystal skin!) so I look more radiant even without wearing a highlighter. I think the b.glen range of highlighting products I’ve used certainly helped me achieve the glow I wanted (you can see it in the before and after photos), so it’s a big hit for me.

I didn’t expect this result, but I think it even made my makeup look “brighter”. I was glad it worked well under my makeup – no patches, streaks, or smudges.

I also love that my dry patches are completely gone, which means the products not only gave my skin a radiant glow but also increased its hydration and moisture levels.

Although I would love an all-in-one product for convenience, having seen the result on my skin so far, I definitely think more brightening products are worth incorporating into my skincare routine. I will continue to use the b.glen brightening care products to see how much more skin glow I can achieve!

all mentioned products are exclusively available on the b.glen website:

  • b.glen clay wash: sgd57
  • b.glen qusome lotion: sgd73
  • b.glen c:sgd67 serum
  • b.glen qusome essence: sgd73
  • b.glen qusome moisture rich cream: sgd103
  • all five products are available in the luminous glass skin set, retailing at sgd 373 or sgd 298.40 (20% off) with subscription.

    Want to test the routine first before making an investment? you can also get all five products in sample size with the brightening care trial kit, available at sgd34.

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