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lorraine, the mother of a 17-month-old boy, lives in a busy city. she used the cybex aton 5 car seat for short trips to the shops and to the pool, as well as longer weekend trips to visit family in the country.

what were your first impressions of the cybex aton 5 car seat?

cybex aton 5 comes in a fantastic range of colours: we have denim blue and it’s a delightful, stain resistant indigo colour, and isofix compatible.

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It’s expensive, especially for a product that only lasts 18 months (13kg) and probably less, as we found out. however, if you are planning to add more members to your family, this seat can be transferred.

how easy is it to install?

The cybex aton 5 car seat comes well packaged with all the necessary instructions hidden inside a zippered section at the rear of the seat.

We also looked at the cybex website, which has a very informative instructional video on installing and using the seat.

following the instructions, it’s easy to install. I have a DIY phobia and am also 8 months pregnant at the moment, but my husband did it in 10 minutes.

There is a compatible isofix available for this model, which we installed. Securing the car seat with just the seat belt also seems a piece of cake. The entire process was so easy to use that my husband only had to stop and refer to the instructions once.

how is the cybex aton 5 car seat installed?

The base of the car seat attaches to isofix anchors for easy installation. this was easy to assemble and use. Indicators on the Cybex Isofix base let you know when your car seat is properly positioned; you just need to check the green indicator to make sure the baby or toddler is securely attached.

is this the latest version of an older cybex aton car seat?

following in the footsteps of its predecessors, the cybex aton 5 car seat adds more features to the successful aton series.

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There are some unique safety features, such as the height-adjustable headrest with integrated harness guides, which enhance the excellent crash safety of the energy-absorbing shell, in combination with the industry-proven linear side-impact protection (LSP). crash tests. system even more.

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Another new feature allows for an ideal seating angle and ensures that young babies lie down with their head, neck and chest perfectly aligned. the risk of suffocation from the head falling forward is significantly reduced.

I’m really looking forward to trying this when baby number two arrives in a few weeks.

what are the main safety features of the cybex aton 5 car seat?

The seat includes a newborn insert for a near-flat position, which can be removed as baby grows. the function is to keep the head-neck-chest line in a flat position to prevent the baby’s head from falling forward and causing serious respiratory problems.

however, there is only a 3-point harness and I prefer the seats with a 5-point one, as I feel they provide more security after the newborn phase.

how long is the cybex aton 5 car seat rear facing?

Children must travel in a rear-facing position until they are at least 15 months old, however this would not be suitable for older children after the 12-month stage.

Our daughter is 17 months old, so we haven’t tested the infant crib with a small baby. but the seat comes with a head protector to make a small baby feel even more secure.

How comfortable did your baby find the aton cybex 5 car seat?

the lsp system protects the baby from a possible side impact by absorbing and channeling energy with its flexible material. you have to open the lsp on the side that is closer to the door.

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The seat upholstery is soft and padded and our toddler felt comfortable on every car ride. another plus is the level of cushioning in the seat and the curved design means there are no hard parts to hit little ones knees and elbows.

how do you rate the straps?

the straps on the cybex aton 5 car seat kept our toddler comfortable and secure. I was also happy because I could tie it without any problem.

The strap adjustment mechanism is smooth, although you do have to push the red button hard, and the pieces fit well.

The shoulder pads on the straps are wide and feel very comfortable. once attached, the straps are strong and make escape impossible for even the most chaotic or adventurous child.

how is the headrest of the cybex aton 5 car seat?

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The headrest is a good size and covered in the same fabric as the seat. my youngest son seemed to find it very comfortable.

how easy is it to clean?

the cover of the cybex aton 5 car seat can be washed at 30°. Removing car seat covers is never a quick job. these aren’t the hardest I’ve come across, but the brushed texture of our denim blue seat is also pretty stain resistant and a breeze to clean or brush off if your little one has made a mess.

how do you find the cybex aton 5 car seat to take with you?

It’s very easy to get in and out of the car, but once you’re out, the seat is quite heavy (4.8kg), so it’s not ideal for new moms. this is definitely something to keep in mind if you’re feeling finicky postpartum.

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how protective is the solar cover?

The sunshade is one of the strengths of the Aton Cybex 5 car seat, although we didn’t get the benefit in a cloudy November with the wind whipping around Dublin.

but waiting for sunnier days, the canopy is extra large with upf50+ sun protection and can be adjusted to 4 different positions.

what’s in the box?

  • 1 aton 5 baby car seat
  • newborn insert
  • Is there any additional accessories I can buy for the cybex aton 5 car seat?

    • summer cover
    • rain cover
    • sack
    • bug netting
    • who is the cybex aton 5 best suited for?

      cybex aton 5 is best for premature babies and newborns. this seat will only last about a year if you have a big baby.

      is the cybex aton 5 car seat worth the money?

      cybex aton 5 feels very sturdy and is a brand people trust so well worth the money. however, you may need to switch to another seat shortly before your toddler reaches the 18-month mark.

      where can I buy the cybex aton 5 car seat?

      available at, mamas & potatoes, uber kids and amazon.

      made a verdict

      The cybex aton 5 car seat has many thoughtful design features. it’s easy to use overall and feels very, very secure. it’s so tough that it’s sure to last and last.

      most importantly our toddler seems very happy to ride in it so I would recommend this as a great seat to keep your little one safe and secure while traveling in the car from birth to 18 months age approximately.

      In addition to a host of safety features, the aton 5 is also travel system ready, so you can take it on all your trips with no hassle.

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