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so, you’ve found a great deal on your next car rental with ace rent-a-car. but you may not know much about the company and wonder if it is a good fit. here’s what you need to know.

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basic facts about ace rent-a-car

ace rent-a-car is a car rental company based in indianapolis, indiana. was founded in 1966 by robert sorenson and today has more than 350 locations worldwide, including in 23 states.

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along with its extensive North American network, ace operates in South America, the Caribbean, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. ace makes its own reservation system available to affiliated companies. that means that in certain locations another company may provide the vehicles. For example, Eras Car Rental offers vehicles for Ace in Amman, Jordan. Although you can make a reservation through the ace website to pick up a car in jordan, an eras employee will meet you at the airport.

ace rent-a-car reviews

ace rent-a-car has posted overwhelmingly positive reviews from recent customers on its own website. but the company has low aggregate ratings on several other pages.

ace rent-a-car is not accredited by the better business bureau (bbb), which gives the company a “c” rating. On the bbb website, ace has just 1.18 stars out of five based on an average of 44 customer reviews. customers largely complained about poor service and additional fees. ace has received 145 complaints on the bbb website, with billing issues being the main focus. by comparison, hertz is rated c and 1.08 stars.

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on consumer review website trustpilot, ace falls into the “poor” category due to only two out of five stars. Of all the excellent comments on trustpilot, 9% of the 244 reviews fall into the “excellent” category and another 6% are “excellent”. but the vast majority (70%) of reviews report an experience that was “bad.”

on yelp, reviews for ace rent-a-car vary by location. Its locations in Las Vegas and Tampa have two stars, while the one near Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) has only 1.5. several guests complained about the unfriendly staff.

Is ace rent-a-car a good option?

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Based on some of the negative customer reviews of ace rent-a-car, we recommend considering more than price when making a decision about whether to rent a company car. check recent reviews for the specific location you plan to rent to help inform your decision, and consider other companies as well.

In Autoslash’s final rental car ratings, we gave Ace 2.5 out of 5 stars and rated it a “Tier 4” company after hearing complaint after complaint after complaint. While Ace may offer what sounds like an attractive price, keep in mind that you risk a subpar experience.

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If you decide to book with ace, we recommend that you ensure that you document the condition of the car in detail before removing it from the car park to avoid problems with damage claims later. Also, be sure to read the terms and conditions outlined in your contract very carefully. Also, be sure to read the terms and conditions outlined in your contract very carefully. Also, make sure the total charges match the quote you received. be sure to check that no unwanted add-ons were added to your reservation that will increase your costs.

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