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at that point, the rep (manager, not sure of her title) told me i was not entitled to a rewrite, below priceline price. I asked her why, since it’s a different contract, and rewrote, and she rudely said that’s not the price anymore. I explained that I was in fact only renting due to my mother being extremely ill, and the constant going back and forth to the hospital, the kaja rep told me there would be no problem, as long as I understood that it’s just one room. extension. she “tawanda” then said that information is incorrect and charged my card over $75.00 for the day, and even a late fee, due to me coming back a few hours late to write again.

then i made a new booking, with priceline i spoke to winnie on friday night about the tawanda charges, she explained she will take care of the late charges, and she arrives at 5pm. m. on Saturday, and I can come do the rewrite with her on Saturday. I arrived at 7:00 p.m. m., Saturday night and found out that winnie said that she was sick, and stayed with new employees, who again called tawanda for help. at this point, she explained to me that my charges will remain the same, including late fees. Since I didn’t want to get into back and forth discussions, I made my new contract, and before I left, they told me once again “it’s a new contract, I can get a time extension”.

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Today, Wednesday, November 9, at approximately 3:15, I called ace rental car to request an extension. the rep, guy told me sure, & my charges were $78.59, i said ok. shortly after, in the background, a voice asks the rep a question, tells me to wait, then comes back and says “its his mistake, my charge will be $358.00”. I said “excuse me”. then he hands the phone to a woman, who doesn’t identify herself, then he tells me “the charge is $99.00 per day, that’s the new rate, and she had this conversation with me before”. I said, I made another contract with priceline, and she says it doesn’t matter, and we discuss this. I then told her, it was explained that she was entitled to an extension, due to the rewrite, and she said “not at this rate”. then i asked her what her name was, and she said “tawanda”, that’s all, she then rudely said that i’m the only tawanda here!

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In conclusion, let me be clear. this car rental location is the most unprofessional establishment I have come across. my cars have been visibly damaged the wait is outrageous with the exception of ms kaja the staff are unknowledgeable and rude. I work from home from 9 to 6 and take care of my mother, who has cancer and is terminally ill. My hours are very short, so I have not been able to buy my new car. that is the only reason to rent and extend, due to a very unpredictable schedule.

this tawanda employee is unethical, unprofessional, unreasonable and has zero professionalism in customer service. she speaks condescending and rude to customers. I am not only a professional, an educated retired police officer, I am a human being; that when I spend my money in an establishment, I expect to be treated with respect. either a charge of $99.00 per day or a priceline charge of $19.00 per day. I have spent several hundred dollars with this organization. tawanda, and her representation of this organization as a person who doesn’t listen, has no empathy or customer relationship skills, is terrible and just plain sad. I am returning my vehicle today and will never rent from this organization again. this complaint is respectfully written,

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