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Vehicle wraps are a trend that has accelerated rapidly over the past decade as a result of the increased availability of options, ease of installation, and decreasing cost of manufacturing vinyl. These days you can get a vinyl print of anything you can imagine to make sure your vehicle is one of a kind. However, the massive expansion of the industry leaves buyers with many choices in their hands, from 3M vinyl wrap to Briteline to Orafol, it can become a bit difficult to choose.

Now, there are probably some major concerns for you when choosing a manufacturer (price, durability, color options, etc.), so it’s never a one-size-fits-all. If you’re looking for a quick and inexpensive wrap, our 3M recommendation may not be for you. however, if you want a vinyl car wrap that looks the way you want it and lasts a decade, I’d argue that 3m is the place to go.

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Briefly, I wanted to break down the general categories of this space for those who are less familiar with the industry. what people informally call “wraps” can actually be a few different types of materials and serve different purposes. Technically any film that is sticky and is wrapped around a part of your car can be a “wrap”.

as such, there are four main categories to consider.

  1. personalized car wrap
  2. commercial signage and graphics
  3. window tinting
  4. paint protection
  5. Many people jump right into the custom category right away, but know that there’s a lot more to it than that! Almost everyone in Houston uses tinted windows to minimize sun penetration into the vehicle, while a much smaller group of people use custom wraps to add style to their vehicle. I would say 3m is also probably one of the best in the tinting space but here we are going to talk about 3m vinyl car wraps where you can customize the exterior of your vehicle.

    Prices for car wraps can vary wildly depending on color and finish, but expect at least a few thousand dollars for a well-installed, good-looking option. Wrapping a truck has also become more popular and is generally similar to cars. you just have more room to be artistic!

    What makes 3m vinyl wrap so good?

    3m is a huge company with nearly 100,000 employees that has been around for a long time. that means they won’t go anywhere when it comes to supporting and continuing to improve their wrap options. they also have a storied past in creating incredibly innovative adhesive products due to their creative work culture.

    Have you seen those command 3m wall hangers that you can pull and remove without leaving any residue? Chemistry isn’t most people’s forte, but in the past, serious adhesives used chemical reactions to bond, causing a lot of discoloration with the contact surface. now, because of his innovation, the idea of ​​having a hook that ruined the wall is terrible.

    large hook command

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    everyone has their opinion, but if I’m going to entrust a brand to put a sticky material around my beautiful car, I want it to be the one who literally invented it to make sure I can remove the sticky material without a problem.

    the colors of 3m vinyl wraps are endless

    After price and quality, vinyl wrap color options are a major decision factor when choosing. If you’re going after that pink unicorn flying out of the hood with a cloud of pixie dust, you deserve to have that look! Don’t worry my friend as you have come to the right place.

    For your semi-basic options, 3m vinyl wrap colors are quite extensive. check out his psychedelic mustang option below.

    3M Color Distribution Chart

    if that doesn’t suit your tastes, how about the army green check here? notice the texture in the green that gives it a bit of a black blend look.

    Jeep Wrangler with Green 3M Vinyl Wrap

    If you’re looking for something new, you can explore the series of chrome trims that will really make you stand out from the crowd, whether you’re driving a camry or a ferrari.

    Corvette with 3M Chrome Wrap

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    Historically, chrome has been very difficult to wrap and requires a lot of attention to detail during installation, but it can be eye-catching when done right. The NSX above has an amazing look that is almost like a painting. 3m has a ton of information about their new gc451 gloss silver on their website if you want to find out more about it. while this will not be the cheapest option, it is certainly unique.

    virtually configure your 3m vinyl wrap

    Another cool thing about 3m vinyl wrap is that they provide an online configurator where you can explore different options for your car. Not sure what to choose? use the redesigner to try all your favorite colors until you find something that clicks. You can create unique and custom wraps using multiple colors, textures, and finishes. remodeling studio

    3M Restyling studio

    how to install a 3m vinyl wrap

    While I personally recommend anyone outside of the industry to have their vehicles wrapped professionally, you can find a lot of great information direct from 3m on how to install and care for your wraps. short tips & The cheat guide provides some basics for installing Chrome, but you can also find support for all of their products, which is another benefit of buying from a larger, established vinyl company.

    If you’re thinking about wrapping your vehicle yourself, you’ll want to make sure you know how much vinyl you need to buy. you can get some pretty cheap options on amazon for self installation. always get a little extra to make sure you have some scrap and don’t forget to include the roof and mirrors. easier to buy extra on the roll to start than to reorder more.

    if you have some free time, there’s something fascinating about watching people wrap a car.

    best places to buy 3m vinyl wrap

    – rvinyl

    – metro remodeling 3m

    – amazon – vinyl-wrapping-automotive-3m-accessories

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